Advice For A Good Camping Trip

Camping is an outdoor activity that requires a camping location and equipment.

What is the best time to go camping?

The best time to go camping is probably the summertime because of the warm weather that allows for more activities outside. Summer also has its own set of cons, such as insects and heat exhaustion. The next best time to go camping is in the fall when it’s still warm but not extremely hot, and the bugs aren’t out yet.

Spring would be third on the list due to unpredictable weather, although it is usually warmer and humid than winter.

Winter would be last because of the cold weather and conduction, which can cause hypothermia and frostbite, not to mention the presence of snow and ice.

Must have Camping equipment?

Having the right camping equipment can make or break your trip, especially if you are on a longer camping trip. Many of us don’t go on camping trips too often, so it might be hard to gauge what is needed for each person at your party. The list below has some of the basics, but feel free to add any other items you think are important.

A good backpack
A good tent (make sure it is water-proof)
Stove & Fuel
Pots, pans, cooking utensils
Knives/fork/spoon/plates/cups etc.
Flashlight & extra batteries
First-aid kit / fire extinguisher / pocket knife (optional)
Water containers (canteens or jugs)
Any personal medications (if needed)

Best Camping tips

When looking for a good camping location, make sure it is close to where you are staying or going. You don’t want to spend your time or gas driving to find a good camping location.

It is also important to pick an area where camping is allowed. Some areas have size restrictions, so make sure yours can fit. ( Try looking around online for locations with pictures. (

Look at the campsite before you go – that way, if any changes are needed, you can find them before leaving. (

Before setting up your tent, it is good to scout around the location and set up a place for cooking/eating so that once your tent is set up, you can easily get in but not have to move it all around again.

Be aware of the weather forecast for the next few days. If there is anything that you might need (such as sunscreen, bug spray, etc.), bring it with you.

Keep your food in a bag, then hang it up at least 10 feet off the ground and 4 feet away from the nearest tree.

Keep your fire in an area that can be easily controlled and is safe.

Do not leave any trash behind! Pack it out with you, including any ashes from your fire.


Camping can be fun, relaxing, and exhilarating all at the same time. It is a great way to get away from the noise of technology and enjoy nature. Camping is also an inexpensive holiday, with many locations free to camp at

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