Camping – Everything you need to know

Camping is a brilliant way to get a change of pace and explore the outdoors. You can spend some bonding time with your close friends and family and get some fresh air to give your mind the oxytocin boost it needs once in a while. However, for beginners choosing the perfect location and having all the necessary tools are a challenge.

How to Find the Perfect Camping Location

Use ‘Google Earth’ or ‘Topo Map’ – With Topo map or Google Earth, you will know the terrains better and get a clear picture about the surroundings of a site.
Scout the area first – Always scout the area you will set up a camp because you can evaluate some things better while being present in that place.
Check for the weather – You can’t control the temperature. Instead, look out for the weather broadcasts and then select the place you want to camp in.
Look out for animals – Racoons and bears are always on the lookout for food, so keep an eye out for them.
Leave no waste – remember to clean up after yourselves.

Keep away from prohibited areas and obey the natural law of the outdoors. We must keep nature clean so make sure to keep the beautiful places waste-free for others.

Mandatory Pieces Of Equipment For Camping

Apart from stocking the personal resources, the absolute necessary pieces of equipment you will need in the wild are sleeping bags, paracord, spare batteries, tent repair kit, power bank, torch or flashlights, gaffa tape, cable ties, mallet, extra pegs, puller, matches, rope, tarpaulin, knife, pillow, mat for sleeping in the tent, camping table and chairs.

Other Suggestions for a Successful Camping

Plan the activities and prepare according to that.
Always be prepared to face weather changes.
Protection from the sun is a must.
Remember to be equipped with insect repellent.
Pen down all the things have to take with you.

Do not forget to take a first aid kit as they come in very handy. Choose a spot near a water source like a river or small stream, so you have a convenient reference to get replenished. While camping, your motto is to be careful and be safe.